APRC, do we need Police record from home country if we haven't been there for a period of 3 consecutive months?

I read here that


A foreign national, who has legally resided in the State for five years in a row and has not left the State for over 3 months during any particular trip out of the country, is exempted from submitting a criminal record of the original country

But I see no mention of this exemption on the NIA website

So is the above exemption information wrong?

That is written as a note on the NIA website.

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Thanks, got it. I was searching for the phrase “3 months” on that page, but the 3 was in brackets.

Foreign nationals who have legally resided in the R.O.C. (Taiwan) for five (5) consecutive years, and exit the R.O.C. (Taiwan) each time for less than three (3) months, may be exempt from submitting satisfactory health examination certificates and the police records issued by applicant’s country of origin.

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I was exempt

Yep, I didn’t need a police record from my home country. Just the Taiwan one.

Thanks. Going to the Police headquarters now. They said if I apply at headquarters I can get it within 1 Hour.

Certainly in Taichung, you can wait for it . Normally 15 minutes , unless there is a large queue.

Question: are you maried to a Taiwanese? I thought this exemption only applied to married folk.

Sly way to ask if I’m single, Icon. :wink:

Never been married. Was always on a work-based ARC. And I was born here!! No need to rehash that.


Roger that.

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Love animals! Two or three is “numerous”. What you have is a a small zoo! (Don’t know actually, just from posts is seems you have quite a few, lol)

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Don’t we all…

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