APRC expiry question

I have permanent residency, but am currently in the UK. I arrived here one month ago, but am wondering how long I can stay here before jeopardising my APRC. This is my only trip out of the country in the last few years, and I’ve had my APRC for several years.

Thanks for any responses, and also what department would I contact if I wanted more clearer and concrete details on this?

Thanks in advance

I believe that the current rule is that you have to be within the Taiwan area 183 days or more per year, or you may have your APRC cancelled.

Unless you apply for permission to leave, which i believe you can do without much hassle.

Yes, you can get permission to leave for up to one year, but it has to be applied for and granted by the National Imigration Agency.

So is that 183 days in a calendar year…if I was to take double that, isn’t it arguable (ie. doubtful then) that you could take double that and say that it was 183 days for one year and 183 days for the next???

Arguable. Maybe. Do you want to take that risk? I wouldn’t.

Isn’t it that they take an average over 3 years?

Belgian Pie, What is your source for this information? This would be very useful to know. Please inform us!

Actually, I was wrong; you can get permission to leave for up to two years and permission can be granted from outside of the country in certain circumstances.

Hey there,
if you are applying for yr APRC for the first time, then maybe this info might be useful…
Irrespective of whether or not you apply for “time off”, the remainder of the year that you apply in will not count as a year in which you have to spend 183 days.
On the back of my APRC, it reads: “(The rule of 183 days begins) from the year FOLLOWING the issue of this certificate”
This means if you got it in say, January, you would have the rest of the year off, before adhering to the rule from the start of the next year. People in at the NIA have confirmed that this is true.