APRC health check at Renai Hospital

I just did my APRC health check at Renai Hospital in Tapei City today and thought I’d post an update on some issues I couldn’t find an answer for when I looked through the forums last night.

The health check counter (number 11) is open from around 8 a.m.
I arrived at 8.15, the health check centre (directly opposite) didn’t open till 9am, but there were people in there preparing, and so I nipped in with a “Bu hao yi-sa” and got the form (form B) from inside.

I then filled out the form (three copies, 3 photos needed) and registered at counter 11, thus scoring number 2 in line.( also need Passport, and national health card)

I waited till just gone 9 a.m. and got called into the centre to start the check.

After 2 quick assesments in the centre (doctor: are you pregnant?, any illness?, plus eye-test (“which way is the “E” are you sure? that’s better. Perfect!”)

I then paid just over NT$1,700 at counter 11 and hared round the other tests on the second floor (dermatology (hint: ignore the queue outside the office, knock on the door and they send you into a different entrance), stool, blood, x-ray)

I returned to the centre and handed in the stamped papers and was done by 9.40 am.

This was probably because I got there so early, and was pretty determined.

The results are available to pick up in 8 days (not working days, actual days)

Hope this helps anyone else needing to get this done on a tight schedule.