APRC holder -- spouse rights question

  1. If a foreigner with an APRC marries another foreigner (marriage takes place abroad) is it possible for the new spouse to get a residence permit for Taiwan based on the new marriage?

  2. Can the spouse of an APRC (+ OWP) holder work legally anywhere without a work permit?

  3. Would the new spouse be able to acquire an APRC after 3 years of marriage to the APRC holder?

  4. What kind of paperwork be required to bring the new spouse to Taiwan + apply for the resident permit?

(note APRC application basis was NOT marriage based) :slight_smile:


  1. Yes.
  2. No, of course not.
  3. No, the seven year rule would apply.
  4. An application for a resident visa application based on “joining family.”

In addition to a full description of eligibility requirements for permanent residency in Taiwan, I suggest that you look at the discussion of “Immigrant Visa Categories” and “Non-Immigrant Visa Categories” on