APRC - How many months abroad?


are there any limitations about how much a person can stay out of Taiwan in order to get APRC after 5 years? I clarify, I know that 183 days is the total amount of days you have to stay each year for five years inside Taiwan, but let’s say one person does 184 days in Taiwan continiously, and than 181 out of the country. Is this a problem which will lead not to get APRC after 5 years?

Yes that would be a problem. The requirement is for 5 years with 183 days per year consecutive residence. Dropping below 183 days breaks the consecutive count.

However, the new economic immigration act, currently under debate in the legislature purposes to change this to an average.


though trivial, 3 years residency is for naturalization.

Sorry, yes, my bad - removed.

Thanks for the reply. But if you check above I didn’t mention about doing less than 183 days. I was asking if there is a certain number of months (3,4,5…) that if you stay out of Taiwan than the year doesn’t cocnur to the 5 years of APRC requirement. This after you have done the 183 days. (or before).

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I have working visa so it’s 5 years sorry

Aha! Yup, so spend 184 days resident in Taiwan within a calendar year and you are OK as I understand it. I don’t believe there are any restrictions on what form the days take.

Further information appears to be in this other thread :slight_smile:


yes that thread has been started by me as well. It became very useful over time. I’m happy it can be helpful for the community.