APRC Income requirements

Does anyone know if you can use income from outside of Taiwan for the income requirements for the APRC (ie pensions etc)?

If you can find a way to get it onto your Taiwanese income tax statements, it should be okay. You basically would have to declare it as foreign income on your tax filings here.

Thanks. Canada and Taiwan have a tax agreement now and the Canadian government takes 15% off at source, and they report to each other. I will have to inquire as to how the reporting works exactly.

If my 5 year APRC date is April 1st, can I use my 2018 tax certificate to prove I earned above the required amount for my application? or do I have to use the tax certificate for 2019 which is issued in May when I file taxes?

I want my APRC as soon as possible, so ideally I would plan for my interview to be the week of the 1st of April with all the required documents in hand.

you need a proof of your salary in the previous year, Jan – Dec 2018. You may ask to NIA whether it should be the tax certificate.

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Thanks Tando

Yes, you can use your 2018 tax certificate if you’re applying before May, 2020…After that date, you will need to use your 2019 certificate.