APRC: Open Work Permit?

Got my Pink card! I’ll post a Kaohsiung success story soon, but for the moment I need to get an open work permit. I found a very aged thread that had a link to a form. I printed it out and took it down to the office today and they told me that I need to mail the form to Taipei and after I have been approved they will “remark” on the back of my APRC? Is this the usual route, or did I just go to the wrong office? I am a little surprised that I couldn’t get this done in KHH.

sorry for asking you, but how long did your process take? i applied in early may and still waiting…

I still have a separate work permit issued when I got my APRC nearly three years ago. My understanding is that these are not being issued anymore. Let us know what they do with yours.


The whole process took me alomost four months to the day. However, I wasted a month becuase I sent the FBI a personal check which they do not accept, and I wasted another week because I sent my ccrd to the San Fran office becuase it was the closest to me. They called me at 6 AM to tell me that it needed to be sent to the Washington office because my ccrd was done by the FBI. Luckily they forwarded it for me instead of sending it back accross the ocean like the FBI did. So if you avoid these mistakes I’m sure you can get it done in three months.