APRC - Plum Blossom Card

The citizenship issue is correct. As noted in this thread, the path to Taiwan citizenship without renunciation is now quite clear for Plum Blossom Card holders. The rationale seems to be that these folks have already been “vetted” by professionals, so they don’t need to be vetted again for the citizenship step.

But the 183 days part mentioned here by owleyes is news to me. I have not heard about any definite changes affecting Plum Blossom Card holders on this matter.


Only if your APRC is issued as a Non-professional . If your APRC is issued as a "Professional " , then you are entitled to 5 years away , without notice.

Correct. Because people who got it through marriage (even if they are professionals working here) are less worthy in the eyes of the government. Oh well, what has a parent of a little Taiwanese and forever spouse of one of Taiwan’s citizens has of importance to Taiwan, right? I mean, parenthood, and years of providing to the family is nothing, the best ones are the ones who come for job, have no family ties here and might leave at any moment, for those, sure, lets give them citizenship easily because Taiwan is more important for them.
Where is the sarcastic emoji?

Yes , sadly , Taiwan is still a long way from getting it right :pensive:

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How do you know if your APRC was issued as a “Professional”? Is there some distinction on the card?

Interesting question. My card says nothing about marriage on it, and doesn’t list my wife’s name.

I would disown you , after all this time , too. :joy:
I am not sure, but doubtful , that there is anything on the Card. It seems to be at the time of application , and there is a record at NIA. They can confirm on what basis it was applied for.

I honestly don’t even remember the basis I applied under. I suppose I qualified either way.

Quite a critical distinction, in terms of the 5 years rule. Silly really but …

Both cards are identical. So they must have a record in their files when you want to apply for citizenship that also works when you leave the country more than 183 days and they block you at immigration.

This is speculation, not fact, right? Please let forumosans know about latest regulations, as residence rules are constantly shifting. That would be more helpful. Thank you.


The last approved bill amendment to the Immigrant Act was that APRC holders who got their APRC through work ARC are not required to stay 183days any more, they can stay out of the country for 5 years straight and they can come back normally at immigration and still hold their status. Meanwhile APRC holders who got it from marriage ARC lose their APRC status if they stay out of the country for 183days and don’t apply for an extended leave (2years Max each time) for doing so.
There is a new revision of the same article but it hasn’t been published yet. It was announced last year in November-December. There are hopes that they will remove the 183days minimum yearly stay for APRC holder who got itthrough marriage. Up to now still no confirmation of what the change is, only a broad topics. So yea, if you stay out of the country for over 183days they will know it at airport immigration if you have lost your APRC status already and they certainly know in their system got it through work or marriage since there is no difference written in the card itself.

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Thanks for this update.

One take-away from all this is to make sure to communicate with the NIA folks if you intend to be away from Taiwan more than 183 days in a calendar year. For all categories of APRC holders, there is some (of course not infinite!) flexibility.


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You must not only communicate but go through application for the long extended leave (2 year max), they might or might not approve your leave.

It’s just an easy form to fill out online, and I think approval is pretty much automatic.

Do you know how many times you can extend it?

Not sure. There’s a thread about it on here somewhere.


There’s someone who’s done it at least twice in a row using the online form, and it was basically automatic. As far as I know, there is no need to contact the NIA if you are on business APRC. It’s 5 years before you lose it.


Sorry to keep on this, but do you have an official link here? If so, I’d love to see it.


Article 18 of Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals

Where a foreign professional, after having obtained approval for permanent residence from the National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior, leaves the State for more than five years without re-entering, the National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior, may revoke said person’s permanent residence permit and cancel said person’s Alien Permanent Resident Certificate, and the provisions of Article 33 Paragraph 1 Subparagraph 4 of the Immigration Act do not apply.