APRC Rules for foreign spouses

I was taking a look at the rules for applying for an APRC. Am I right in thinking that if you’re here and working for a minimum of five years on an ARC you can apply for an APRC after five years, but if you’re here on a JFRV marriage visa, you need to wait ten years?

No, it’s 5 years for both. But, don’t forget the residency qualifications as well as income.

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Which rules were you looking at? These rules (below)…?



To me, that seems they are referring to the Taiwan national (spouse or parent) who needs to have been in Taiwan for 10 years. :2cents:

But, the way it’s worded, I can see where the OP is coming from.

Yep, those ones. I find legalese almost impenetrable.

Thanks, you’ve clarified it for me. Legalese does tend to be very tangled and not always clearly understandable.

If getting it based on a jfrv they are much more lenient on income.

That’s awesome. Got a link for more details?

No sorry. That was my experience getting mine and what they said.

True requirements are different.

  1. Anyone applying for permanent residence as the spouse of an R.O.C. (Taiwan) national shall present any of the following documents acknowledged by the National Immigration Agency:
    (1) Statement of income, taxation, chattel or real estate in Taiwan;
    (2) Statement issued by the employer to certify employment, or the applicant’s own statement in writing detailing job descriptions and incomes;
    (3) Certificate issued by the R.O.C. (Taiwan) government certifying that its holder is a professional or technician or has passed a technical test;
    (4) Other document that is sufficient to prove that the applicant is capable of supporting himself or herself or making a living.

Iirc, they can use documents of spouse as their supporting documents.

  1. Anyone applying for permanent residence with circumstances other than the one stated in the preceding subparagraph shall meet one of the following conditions:
    (1) Having an average monthly income in Taiwan in the previous year that is more than twice of the Monthly Minimum Wage promulgated by the Council of Labor Affairs;
    (2) Having chattel or real estate in Taiwan with a total value worth more than NT$5,000,000;
    (3) Having a certificate issued by the ROC government that certify people with specialized professionalism, techniques or have passed a technical test.
    (4) Other condition(s) recognized by the National Immigration Agency.

This is all great information. Unfortunately for me, one of the things that stands against me is the question of income. While I’m here on a JFRV, I currently work entirely online freelancing for a business back in my own country. The way things work out, I pay taxes only to my home country in Europe since my income derives entirely from there.

For that reason, my income in Taiwan is effectively zero. My actual income is certainly sufficient for my needs, but took a blow a couple of years ago, but even before that it was rarely much more than the national average here (although I note from googling that what’s measured as the statistically accurate average wage here is anything but).

If I can take heart from anything, I suppose, it’s the paragraph above reading “other document sufficient to prove the applicant is capable of supporting themselves”.

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Just to clarify this, if I can, if my income doesn’t equal at least twice the Taiwanese minimum wage, I wouldn’t be able to change a JFRV into an APRC?

I don’t believe I have any other qualifications (I don’t own property, for instance), and while I make enough to live here, I’m not sure it equals twice the minimum monthly wage, especially after several months I had to take off work after an operation.

is your spouse a taiwanese citizen? Then, what you need is

(4) Other document that is sufficient to prove that the applicant is capable of supporting himself or herself or making a living.

It doesn’t need to be more than twice of the Monthly Minimum Wage promulgated by the Council of Labor Affairs.

And, the document can be of your Spouse, Parent(s)-in-laws, or Parent(s).

Article 16 of The Enforcement Rules of the Immigration Act
Article 15 of 入出國及移民法施行細則


As tando mentions, joining family often just needs to prove the “family venture” is stable enough. Expect an interview…

I got my.aprc through jfrv and it was a bit hectic but in the end they had no reasons for refusal as it was really joining family. The biggest risk is: how legit is your family? I was in the dirty south and family were “farmers” which have tax breaks so their paperwork was easier. Still took nia almost 3 months to clear me though and say yes. But if your spouses immediate family is more or less above board, should be easy. We got by with my other half claiming 150k a year…but owning house, farm etc made it work. They arent idiots. But they usually arent unreasonable either (though often very out of touch of current law changes).1

Thank you for making me aware of this. I was 15 years behind.