APRC Under Review

I got a weird hang up. I went to the NIA’s application inquiry page and it says the status is “under review” (審核中)
I got a card from the post office that the approved/rejection notice had arrived (no buzzer, just the card), but instead of the nice big post office we usually get packages from there’s a stamp over that address that lists it in some creepy back alley. I checked Google Maps street view and there’s no picture of a post office there or anything like it. I’m at work all day and I don’t want to send my wife hunting around in the rain, so I was hoping it would just be approved and she could go pick it up for me. But it has this “under review” message, which is better than rejected, but what does it mean?

Have your wife (Taiwanese, right?) call them up.
My wife has called all kinds of gov’t bureaus on my behalf to find some information or whatnot.

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Turned out to be nothing.

Maybe it’s an official government office like household registration or a small police office.

What, the post office? Do you pick up the mail at a place like that? There is a land office in that area. I don’t know why they’d direct me there instead of the actual post office 2km away.

Call or visit the controlling office. Go in with a smile and.ask. fraud is a real problem here, so be mindful…

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False alarm, probably. They just moved the post office warehouse which is where the mail went. It was just some info. Still waiting. If the mail man had just rang the bell…