APRC work/student question

I believe that I will soon qualify for the APRC, but after extensive searching, I have found no mention of a situation similar to mine. Perhaps nobody has tried it yet. Perhaps it will just have to be an experiment. :blah:
I have worked here for 4 years, switching jobs almost every year, but without having to do a single visa run. A few months ago, I switched from work visa to student visa, and I was able to do this without getting a visitor visa. Essentially, I switched from one resident visa to another resident visa, all without leaving Taiwan.
My hope is that I will still qualify since I will have been here continuously for the required duration, all on resident visa(s).
Any thoughts?

The requirements don’t account for time on a student visa. They only take into account visas through work and marriage. You can inquire, though. Give it a shot. Good luck.

Ouch. That hurts. 4.5 years continuous residence broken by a change from work to student. Quite a streak I had goin’ there. Aw, crap.
Wonder if when I graduate I can switch right back to work visa and continue on from my 4.5 years continuous residence. By then I will have been here for 6.5 years! Oh well, I can make my case when the time comes, I guess.