[April 19th] An international meetup near Gong Guan(公館) area

Hey Guys! We are having an international meetup in Taipei, and we want to invite you to join this gathering to share your culture and lifestyle, and also to know more about mobile habits in your country. We want to have different viewpoints from different corners of the world.

Who are we?
We are a startup company aiming to develop mobile applications to make our life better. We focus on solving mobile communication problems and providing a better experience. This is our website. whoscall.com/en/aboutus/ .

Why do we want to hold this meetup?
I guess you all know that different countries/cultures will have very different lifestyles and habits, and this meetup is aimed towards understanding your own country’s mobile habits, because we really want to have deep insights from every area! There will be a lot of talking, a lot of sharing, and definitely a ton of fun!

What do you need to do in the meetup?
It’s a very relaxed event, so bringing yourself here is the most important thing. If you happen to have lots of insights about mobile habits in your country, that would be even better! Of course, free foods and drinks will be provided to ensure you’ll have a great time.

Where and when is the meetup?
It will be held near Gong Guan(公館) area, which is easy to get to by bus or MRT and the time will be at 19:30 on April 19th(Fri) . We will inform you with details once you are selected.

If you are interested, please fill out this form.

Free food against free customer base information? Sounds good to me. I’m in.