Aprilia Scarabeo

Does anyone know if the Scarabeo is available in Taiwan? I have seen one but thats it, so I have no idea if it was a special import or not.


Like Honda, Yamaha and KTM and many other factories, Aprilia have no “official” import or distribution channels in Taiwan… yet… that means any bikes you see by any of these makers are grey imports and any service/warranty and homologation for suitability with Taiwan fuels, road conditions etc. you get will be as good as the word of the grey importer shop in question…

If the uphill battle BMW Motorrad Taiwan has faced trying to get local dealers / mechanics to get their mindset out of the Kymcomechanics school of “wait for it to break then replace entire subsystems randomly until it works again” backwater technical approach is anything to go by, I wouldn’t be surprised if these factories just hold back and see how sales progress and see how other factories that do have official sales and maintainence channels fare… That said apart from BMW the technical service ability and product knowledge of the local dealers/importers of big bikes is an utter joke…

So they can be obtained but Caveat Emptor the name of the game…

oh well, thanks. back to a vespa for the wife then

[quote=“AWOL”]oh well, thanks. back to a vespa for the wife then[/quote] There are only GT200 Vespas in Taiwan now. The other models are neither imported nor made here. A new Vespa GT200 will cost you over NT$200,000

I rode along side a young guy who was on an absolutely beautiful old Vespa the other day.
I forst noticed it by its distinctive exhaust sound. Looking closer I could see that it was a magnificent restoration job. Even down to the carpeting. Chrome was immaculate. Just beatiful. At a stoplight I asked him what year it was and he understood english well enough to tell me it was a 1967. His father originally owned it since new - or shortly thereafter - and he & his father had done the restoration over a 3 -4 year period.
So somewhere putting around Tainan, is one sharp Vespa…put put putting along.

I hope to get some pics of it sometime.

Tainan Cowboy: Did it smoke? I heard all of those old vespas smoke, lack good breaks, require manual gear changes (is that OK with the wifey?) and need to run on a mixture of oil and gas. They look cool, if they weren’t so mafan, I would love to purchase one.

Hobart -
No visible smoke as I remember. I know what you are referring to - I see older Vespa’s and with the distinctive exhasut note I see the puffs of blue smoke coming out.
This one looked clean at the pipe end. Maybe its still too new or maybe they just have the gas/oil mix correct.
If I see him again I will try to remember to ask about the fuel mix status.

There are still a good number of clean ones around. My colleague has a very sweet one. And the other night I saw a VERY old one – one of the rounded, bulbous ones – decked out like a mod scooter with all the mirrors, chromed side covers, etc. Very very nicely done and no smoke whatsoever.

back to me please… :slight_smile:

i saw a kymco tango which appeared to be a copy of the scarabeo… the kymcos still around?