Does anyone know if you can get Arak in Costco or anywhere in Taipei for that matter?

Tired many local stores but it’s just not the taste here. Had it in Israel and loveeeed it.

Btw: the original arak made from star anise. Not the coconut flavored one.

I’ve never seen anything called arak here, but I’ve never looked either. I’m sure I’d have noticed if Costco sold it.

If you’re looking for the star anise flavor, maybe try sambuca or ouzo? (Neither of which I’ve seen at Costco either.)

So where have you seen it?

Nowhere, but I’ve never looked for it either. I just searched one liquor store site and failed to find it, but that doesn’t mean much because I have no idea what the Chinese names are for any of them. But in “world” terms I suspect ouzo and sambuca are easier to find than arak.

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Carrefour usually has a couple of kinds of pastis as well.

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