ARC advice

Ok, i have done most of the visa hoopla, and i have my work permit. The slip they put into my passport says i have 15 days to apply for the a.r.c. My girlfriend has offered to go to the police station for me in the morning, to make this application. Could one of you in the know please let me know if this is possible? Or must i make the application myself? Also, any idea how much the police will fleece me for for this one? Thanks.

NT$1000/year is the normal fee.

Unless my schedule was very pressed, I would go there myself - but I think that agents can sign on your behalf.

This is the easy part of the whole process. You go in, get a number, get an application, fill it out, wait to be called, then hand it in. You will need copies of your passport photo page and resident visa page, and your work permit and letter of approval. You need two photos which need to be cut to proper size. They have a cutter in between stations to cut to the official size. You will pay NT1000 per year of validity. You can bring along whoever you want, but you shouldn’t need to as the forms are in English and at least in Taipei the clerks speak English. If everything is in order, that’s it. After taking your application, you come back 3 days later with your receipt to pick up your ARC at the pickup station.