ARC and being married to a TW

Can someone tell me how I can get my ARC changed so that my employer is no longer sponsoring my ARC and it instead states that I am in Taiwan by right of marriage? Do I go to the police station to do it? If so, what do I need?

On a side note, can someone also tell me what I must do to get a driving license for my scooter? I live in Danshui BTW…

Take your current ARC and all applicable marriage related docs to the NIA and apply for a change. You can find the list of required docs on a website called Information for Foreigners or by doing a search of related topics here.

As for the scooter, go to the DMV and take a test. Don’t know about Danshui, but there is one in ShiLin. A websearch will turn up the locations for you.

Good luck!