Arc application deadline

Hi folks,

When I applied and received my visa (resident visa), there was no additional instruction provided telling me to acquire my ARC within 15 days of arrival. Today, 20 days after my arrival, I find out officially at my school’s orientation that that is the deadline and there are supposedly some negative ramifications for it.

The school failed to explain to me what kind of hoops I would need to jump through or if I face some real problems regarding this, so I thought I would jump over here and ask if anyone knew what to expect. An adviser said to explain the situation and they may be OK with it, but my luck explaining things in English thus far has not been so great hehe…

What should I do when I go in there tomorrow?

[quote=“Robert Marotz”]
What should I do when I go in there tomorrow?[/quote]

Bring all papers and beg on your knees.

There’s a slight chance it might do the trick.

Bring a Taiwanese from your school too.

The worst case scenario is that they will have to re-apply for your residence visa.

They will accept your application but in your case , over 5 days, pay extra
NTD 1,000 fine.

Yep that’s what ended up happening, after a bit of explanation and trying to be polite.

I’m happy that it went through without any real huge problems. :slight_smile:

Now I just gotta not eat for 4 or 5 days to recover the fine $$$ :slight_smile:

Glad it worked out Robert. Now go steal some of the school’s foods and snacks from their offices. They owe it to you.

Heya Isieh!

I actually have a designated multi-purpose coffee cup in the student lounge at school, along with a nice water dispenser!

Oh, and it looks like I’ll be moving close to downtown soon, much much more convenient access to TaiDa than I have in Xizhi. :smiley: