ARC/APRC: "work based" vs. "marriage based" (vs. "gold card") advantages and disadvantages

Please help me review if this edited version of the first post is correctly reflecting the information we gathered in this thread. Im especially unsure about item #6, the labour / unemployment insurance…

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iiuc, you can work at other places without additional work permits, but to keep your work ARC, you need at least a work permit through one of your employers. There is another interpretation that as far as you are on work ARC, you need a work permit for every job.

labor insurance and (un)employment insurance are different.

Employment insurance is only if married to an ROC citizen.

To protect workers’rights and avoid penalty, business entities should enroll in Employment Insurance as long as they have employees


an employed foreigner on APRC is forced to enroll if LSA is applies.


The targets of compulsory contribution are the Taiwanese citizens; foreign spouses; spouses from mainland, Hong Kong, or Macau; and permanent resident foreigners which apply to Labor Standards Act. However, for the labor who has allocated retirement reserve according to Private School Act, this regulation is not applicable.


According to Article 7 of Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals, ARC of foreign special professionals can be for 5 years.


My first renewal is 3 years, they asked if I wanted 1, 2 or 3 years.

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Thanks a lot @tando and @silly.putty ! I updated the post above according to how I understood some of your comments. Regarding some other comments I still have questions:

“foreign special professionals” are the ones who are eligible for a gold card ARC, right? So… a gold card can only be up to 3 years. But if an equally qualified foreigner applies for a normal work ARC, that could be up to 5 years?

Do you mean the first marriage ARC you got was 3 years? Did you hold a different kind of ARC before switching to the marriage ARC, and if yes, what kind and what length of validity?

it is first renewal.

iiuc, regulations say so.


This is my understanding as well.

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Thanks a lot, @tando and @SPQA .

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Done! :slight_smile:

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So if one has continuously been on a marriage ARC for over 20 years, are there any other requirements to get the APRC like holding property/capital or tax records, or is it an automatic thing now assuming you are a resident of good standing?

I’ll need to renew mine later this year. If it’s easy, I’ll just get the APRC this time.


Added: the sentence is not correct. See this post.

It isn’t 2022 yet. :slight_smile:

So anyone married before 5/31/02 is automatic without any other conditions, correct?

no. Anyone who started to reside in Taiwan legally before May 31 1982, iiuc.

The regulation says

Aliens who had legally resided in the State for twenty (20) years or up before May 31, 2002 during which period they had resided in the State over one hundred and eighty-three (183) days each year for ten (10) years, and have met the requirements as specified in Subparagraphs 1 to 3 and Subparagraph 5 of the preceding Paragraph can apply to National Immigration Agency for permanent residence.

Thanks a lot, much appreciated!

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But I see that family property can be used now. I’ll easily qualify for the APRC. All our property is in the wife’s and kids’ names, so I couldn’t use it before. How long ago did they change that qualification?

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it was so at least in 2004.

Well, better late than never. Thanks. It’s a pain getting renewed every three years.