ARC/APRC: "work based" vs. "marriage based" (vs. "gold card") advantages and disadvantages

Sure. But people have dual passports. Like British + Irish. What if your aprc was with British passport. It’s expired and you travel on your Irish passport. At immigration they’ll ask for the aprc but know that the passport tied to it has expired. So what happens ?

By the way: does someone know this - if I don’t care about pension benefits, can i choose not the join the lpa scheme when I get an aprc ?

maybe, this thread is better than here to continue?

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My guess is they would let you in and tell you to update your expired passport and A(P)RC. They can validate your identity through the other passport.

I heard people were let in with expired marriage ARC before. But this is probably at the mercy of immigration.
You need to make sure your documents are valid through your entire travel.

Passport is linked to the APRC, not tied. Your APRC stays the same even if you change/update your passport.

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Also applies to GC /APRC


Let me preface this by letting you guys know that I’ll be visiting the NIA this month for other reasons so I’ll have the chance to ask them these exact questions.

Got a question here.
tl;dr - In order to renew my ARC, does my company have to go through the work permit application process again if I’m staying in the same company? Or can I just go back the NIA in Xiaonanmen and provide them with a new proof of employment from my current employer?

More details:

  1. Work based ARC is expiring next year.
  2. I’m still in the same company but technically my job title has changed to a senior position
  3. Regular/permanent hire, there is mention of any duration in my contract/job offer which we submitted two years ago for my work permit.
  4. In the notice letter from the Taiwan MOL containing my work permit, it explicitly states that my work permit (and thus ARC) will expire in 3 years.

Does my company have to go through the work permit application process again?
e.g. Do I have to get my documents notarized in the Philippines, authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Affairs Office, authenticated by the de facto Taiwan Embassy in the Philippines, and then have my company submit everything to the WDA/MOL in Taiwan?

Slightly related:

  1. ARC → Gold Card, will my years of stay accumulate towards the 5 year requirement for an APRC?
  2. ARC (Company_A) → ARC (Company_B) → Assuming both are in the same industry and the role is also the same, do I need to apply for a new work permit? And will the years also accumulate for the APRC?

I’ve been searching around google too but so far I can only find information for student ARCs.

Hi @kael did you get any answers from NIA?

Yup, unfortunately it’s back to square one once your work permit based ARC expires even if you stay in the same company. Company has to apply for a work permit from WDA/MOL again.

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Yes, your ARC is dependent on the validity of your work permit, if it expires, you need to get a new one or renew it. How difficult or easier it is compared to the first time you applied for a work permit, I don’t know but usually your company will know or ask around.

So you bring your new work permit to renew your ARC and hopefully can be the last time since you could get an APRC after 5 years.