ARC / contract cancellation

I have been working at a buxiban in Tainan for two months. I am miserable there and have decided to quit. There is nothing in my contract about a penalty, and the head foreign teacher believes they will let me out of my contract without a dispute. I am hoping to find new employment as quickly as possible and to have it be a seamless of a process as possible. I have a work permit with my current school, and just changed over my visa. I am hoping to get my ARC ASAP. When they are processing my ARC will they check with my employer? I already have all the necessary documents. I am worried that if I give my notice before I receive my ARC this might prevent it from being processed. Ideally I am hoping to put in a notice this week and work up until Chinese New Year. In the meantime, I want to secure my ARC and a new source of employment. Any thoughts or suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

I don’t know, man. That seems very iffy to me. I know what its like to be miserable around here, and I know what its like to just want to get the hell out. Though I’'m not sure exactly how the process works, I would wait until you have your ARC in hand to quit and move on. Also, I would make sure that you have a second job lined up and secured before giving your walking papers. That’s just what I would do.

Sorry for the very late reply.

ARCs are cancelled by the school you work for, the day you quit (supposedly). The day you leave your job, you have 15 days to find a new job and get a new ARC, or leave the country.

I have a similar dilemma, but I didn’t quit. I finished the contract last month and didn’t renew the terms. I’m pretty sure my ex-boss said they’d cancel the ARCs at the end of the month, but my last day of work was December 20th. Does that mean I have until January 15th to leave or find work, or does it count from my last day of work…? Which would mean fifteen days was yesterday…
Also, is there a number or agency that would know when my visa expires? Should I call the NIA? I can arrange to fly to Hong Kong and back, but I need to know if I should go ASAP, or if I can wait a few days. Any help is appreciated!

You should contact the NIA right away to find out what your status is. It can take a couple of weeks for your employer to report and for the CLA to check that everything is OK. Then the CLA notifies the NIA and the NIA cancels your ARC and gives you some time to leave. I think it might be a week. They will notify you in the mail at your registered address. There is not fixed period of time–it depends on how quickly the papers move through the system. You should definitely ask the NIA if they have cancelled your ARC and if so how long you have. Don’t overstay.

As above said.
If your ARC is delivered it will be delivered to the school, if you quit before it’s in your hand you have just lost your visa and paid a load of money for nothing. The national immigration agency can give you 30-90 days on a tourism visa depending on your nationality. It’s much easier if you have an ARC to transfer, but it can be done with a passport. However with the short time frame they might not grant you one in which case you’d have to do a visa run.