ARC & Correct Address?

Seems a silly question I’m sure but is a correct address for an ARC important? Just applied for mine. Woman at the NIA asked me about my address but I didn’t have anything on me, and there’s nothing listed as being required. I may have some document somewhere that is a rental contract but then again since it’s in Chinese it could just as easily be a guide to good housekeeping. Anyhow the woman behind the counter twinked out my answer and wrote something else, no idea what. Did ask if I should bring in papers when I picked it up but was told it wasn’t required, so I’m a little confused. Did acquire an ID number last time I was in Taiwan so I’ve an address in the system - also unproven, but that’s old. Anyone have any ideas? Prefer to avoid any charitable donations to the government if I can.

Tried applying for the re-entry permit at the same time but think I was turned down for that? My Chinese is pretty [strike]limited[/strike] non-existent! :slight_smile: Probably should have asked for an explanation in English. My fault. Can possibly inquire when I pick up my ET card next month.

Oh while I’m asking questions, I was told you can only get ARCs for single semesters. While I was trying to look up info I discovered I must have paid for the full year version, or is there no difference? Just curious. Sorry little tired but I thought I should chase this up sooner rather than later, which possibly means I’m overlooking old threads with answers, assuming said answers are still valid?

I have no official info, but when I applied for my ARC as a student I provided my house address (I’m renting, too) and did not have to provide any further document, nor did anyone ever verify that I actually live here. When my girlfriend moved with me, she had to show them a rental contract (I prepared a sub-rental agreement for her name is not in the official one we have with the landlord) in order to change her adreess on the card. Same happened to my other housemate. It might be a new rule or a often overlooked requirement.

Any kind of communication from NIA to you will be sent to your official address. This address is also used for tax purposes and bank documents.

Furthermore, you will be fined if you do not tell NIA any change in address within a reasonable amount of time.

So, yes, a correct address for your ARC is rather important. You’ll come to regret the unnecessary hassle if it is not.