ARC Document Requirements for Spouse of ROC Citizen

I am the spouse of an ROC citizen. My spouse wishes to return to Taiwan in which there is an established residency. We both plan to live there and retire (if possible). We currently have documentation of our marriage which has been approved by the TECO. This documentation will be accepted when my spouse arrives in Taiwan and presents it to the authorities there. It has been an arduous experience so far due to Covid-19. What next steps should I take to make the move as smooth as possible? Thank you!

Get your resident visa or visitor visa as a spouse of a citizen.
Then, get your ARC.

Resident visa to joining family

Visitor visa to joining family

ARC instruction
in English

in Mandarin
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I went through this process during COVID. If your marriage isn’t registered in Taiwan (as in, you’re not listed on your spouse’s household registration) they’ll likely have you apply for the visitor visa (that’s what they told me to do). Gather your documents and apply. While you’re at it, authenticate any documents that you’ll need to register your marriage in Taiwan after you arrive if you haven’t already (like marriage certificate, translation of the marriage certificate, background check, etc).

Once you arrive, you’ll apply for the ARC in Taiwan. I didn’t have to apply for a separate residence visa in order to get mine, so the visitor visa to enter was fine.

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Thank you tando. My spouse will be in Taiwan soon and will go and register our marriage. Once accepted (the first time it was not), then, according to your links (I have been to the sites), I will apply for a residency visa. I had read on the TECO website that they were not giving out any visa’s unless it was for business during Covid, or while not specific, it was related to family. It does appear that I must get a criminal clearance investigation documentation and health documentation as well ( all which makes perfect sense). I am not sure of the order in which I need to present this documentation or where. Any other helpful information you could provide during this documentation period would be most welcome. Thank you again!

Thank you qinqinbaobaojugaogao!

From what I read here and since my spouse will be in Taiwan soon to register our marriage (the second attempt), I believe the residence visa may be the way to go. I currently am in the States so I will need to find who to contact to get my background and medical check done. Would there be anything else I am missing to make a smooth landing in Taiwan? If not thank you again for your willingness to respond. It is much appreciated.

Just FYI. The FBI background check is the most arduous time consuming soul sucking part of getting your JFRV ARC.

Get this out of the way as soon as possible.


Hi I am new to the forum and appreciate any answer to my question.

My spouse applied for an ARC for me. We went to the NIA with all my documents, paid a fee and was told to come back on the 24th to fetch a card, unless there is a problem or they need more documents. We have handed in household registration, marriage certificate, police clearance and health report. What kind of other documents could they request if necessary. I would like to get these ready just in case.

Thank you

If they gave you a receipt, and a pick up date, you have already given them all the documents they need.


I went to renew my Marriage Based ARC today at the Taipei NIA Office.

All I needed was -

  • Application Form
  • Existing ARC
  • Passport
  • Household Registration extract that is less than 3 months old
  • TWD3000 fee (3 years).

(Spouse doesnt have to accompany for renewals, but in my case did as the HRO address is in Neihu but we live in Yingge (long story) and they inevitably ask why the difference).

Despite the fact that the list says that Spouse ID card is required, they didnt ask for it. Likewise, no new photo either - said what is already on file is OK.

I was given the receipt, told to come in with the existing ARC and collect the new one on 1/26 (usually 10 working days, but CNY is in between) and that was it. 15 mins from walking in the door, taking a number and had just sat down before it popped up.

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What if I am listed on my Taiwan spouse’s household registration? Do I still apply for a visitor visa?

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe foreign offices aren’t issuing any type of visas aside from visitor/special entry permits
I applied for my resident visa for joining family and provided all the documents to TRO in the UK and was issued with a visitor visa/special entry permit. I then applied for the Visa/ARC when I finished quarantine
This was Oct 2020

What type of police clearance is needed? I read in another post that the FBI isn’t doing any background checks and am wondering what other documentation I can get that will be accepted. Do you have a link that lists what type of documents are okay to use?

Hi, I am not American, so I do not know.