ARC Expired after Graduation

Hi! My ARC is expired 20 days ago I just realized! So careless of me.

I just graduated today so there’s no student status anymore. I wonder what will happen to me?

As I know I will still be able to extend visa if the overstay is less than 30 days as long as the ARC status is still student. But I graduated. But student actually receive a 6 months period for looking for job. So does it still apply?

Thank you very much!

What you should do is to visit NIA this morning and consult, imo.


If you graduated from a Taiwanese university with a real diploma like undergrad, masters etc. You can ask for a 6-month ARC extension to look for a job that can be renovated once, meaning 1 year total. You obviously need to call and then visit the NIA to ask what documents you need.

As for this part… I’m not sure how they will handle this, but you better hurry up and get your affairs in order!


Hi, Guys! Updated.

NIA wants me to go back to Indonesia because I already have my diploma (yesterday I just got the degree). If I am still a student, even if I overstay, they allow me to extend (with penalty, of course) as long as you overstay less than 30 days, this is based on Article 15 Immigration Act.

But, I didn’t give up. So what I did is: I ask my university to give me back my student status (even just for a day!) They did give me and took back my degree certificate.

Thankfully, then, NIA allow me to stay. Rule is very rigid in the immigration and government. If you ever encounter this kind of problem, try to solve the other way (like to university or your office to help).

Thank you for answering!