ARC expires soon


My ARC will expire on Saturday and my papers for the renewal are still in the “system” here in Taoyuan.

I have my old ARC and my passport with me but I am worried that everything won’t be ready by Saturday.

Everything is in order with the papers and it’s a simple renewal but it seems to be taking forever. Does anybody know what I should do?


Daphne, it is always wise to first ask the source directly. Call the Foreign Affairs department and tell them your situation, ask for options, understand the consequences. They have English-speaking staff who can help you.

If you don’t understand the instructions, then ask around, but keep in mind that friends and acquaintances will give you different answers.

My rule of thumb is to ask at least 3 different people after calling the source. If you get the same answer, then you’re safe.

Just my two cents.


Please describe more clearly the “papers” involved, and where exactly they are now in the system. Are they actually in the hands of the Foreign Affairs Police?


Thanks for the help everybody.

The papers were at the Ministry of Education and have been for over a week. I have my passport and ARC on me. The Ministry of Education have already “sighted” these.

I will go to the offices personally to check the situation and book a ticket out just in case. Been here eight years and still can’t get over the difficulty each time of doing this.