ARC Expiring, What Happens to NHI? HELP!

Hi folks,

A few questions here. I’ve read some of the threads, please give any insight to my situation if possible. I’m really concerned that if I don’t get things sorted out, I’ll have to forego a summer internship here I am planning to participate in.

-My work ARC expires July 31. I’m attending an unrelated 8-week summer program that begins in late June and ends in late August. Back in April, I went to the appropriate Ministry of the Interior place in Taichung to ask if I could get a one-month extension because of the program I’m attending. The guy said he’d do it, just to come back in June and he’d do it for me. Well, I went to the same place again yesterday and this time, the lady said I could not use this unrelated program to apply for an extension to my ARC. As such, I’m resigned to doing a Visa trip.

-I think the most obvious place to go is HK, so that I can return with the 30-day thing that would allow me to stay August and finish the program. My questions are as follows:

  1. I read on another thread that if I return while my ARC hasn’t been cancelled yet, then I will not be able to get the 30-day no-visa stay. Is this true? Does this mean I should plan to leave in July 31, then return Aug. 1, since by Aug. 1, my ARC will have been expired? Or can I leave July 29, return July 30, and still get the 30-day and not come in using my ARC (which is still good for one more day)?

1a. One of the threads here described how their ARC wasn’t cancelled by the police, so when they returned to Taiwan hoping to get a 30-day, they were forced to come in on their ARC anyways. Does this still apply if there’s very little time left (before expiry) on one’s ARC?

  1. I have NHI right now. I’d like to have health coverage for August assuming I’m here. What happens to my NHI after my ARC expires July 31? Can I get it renewed for August (I’m assuming not).

2a. Assuming I cannot get temporary NHI for August, what health insurance options do I have? I used to pick up insurance from Canada (I’m Canadian) for short trips to Taiwan, but I obviously don’t have the means to get Canadian (AAA/CAA) health insurance while I’m here. So, given that I’m in Taiwan now, will likely go to HK for a Visa trip, how do I get health insurance for the month of August?

Thanks in advance.

Right, if you have a valid ARC you cannot enter on visa-free entry. However, you can cancel your ARC yourself. Otherwise you would need to enter on or after August 1.

If you pay the premiums yourself you can apply to continue NHI for up to 6 months.

so if i fly to HK for one night, i have two options:

  1. leave july31, return aug.1
  2. cancel the ARC and go any time. how does one cancel an ARC? is this something that’s done at the airport?

my premiums are paid through my current employer (right?). i will be officially resigned from my job on july 31. how do i pay the premium for august?

thanks for your reply.

You would go to your National Immigration Agency and cancel it. They would then provide notice that you must leave within a certain number of days.

You would have to enroll in NHI individually. Contact the NHI office for details.