ARC expiry date and leaving date

Hi all,

I am currently teaching English and have an ARC on which the expiry date is shown as 30th March 2008. However, the 30th March is the day that my contract ends so I will also be working on that day. I plan to go back to the UK when I finish but does this mean that I will have to work and then fly out on that day?

My boss said it was OK if I left Taiwan after that date but today I got a little white card in the post saying that my ARC will expire soon and if I don’t either leave before it expires or renew it I will face various fines.

I’m just asking when you guys think I will be able to leave. Do I have any time at all after the ARC expires?

Many thanks,


If you leave the day after your visa expires you get a $1000 NT fine and a stamp in your passport which says you aren’t allowed a landing visa for the next year.

Tell your boss that he will either have to pay the fine for you or let you leave the day you’re supposed to (the last day of your visa).

Cheers for that. I’ll sort something out.