ARC Extension - 6 months

Hi, has anyone done this recently after resigning or mutually terminating a contract? If so, can you explain the details of what was required and if any conditions need to be met regarding time in Taiwan or in the job etc?

I know there are similar topics but nothing very recent and I’ve seen conflicting information online.


I did it after just 3 weeks (don’t ask). I think all you need is the certificate of employment, no one batted an eyelid when I did it.

ohh, okay, thanks. when was this? so you didn’t need any documents you
received after you quit?

also, did you quit with notice? how long after the job ending did you go to


You mean the certificate of termination, right? That’s what was required when I did it (a year ago).
OP: quit your job giving them the appropriate notice (check with labor regulation applies), ask for a termination certificate, write a short letter explaining why you are asking for an extension, and take all of that with your current ARC to the NIA as soon as you can. Your work ARC will expire soon after your employer cancels your work permit (not exactly sure how long you have, it used to be 15 days but I’ve hear it might be a little longer now). Anyway, no point in waiting, just get your termination and go sort out your residence.
BTW, I went through this a year ago, but the process was still the same 6 months ago when my partner went through it. I doubt it has changed since.

Well on your final day of work you should be given the CoE. I’d rock up to Immigration within a couple of days of that. Notice didn’t apply in my case; it was a mutually agreed decision by me and my manager. In general you have 2 weeks after leaving your job. But the thing to do in all cases is go and see Immigration; they’re there to help you.

Certificate of Termination is the same as Certificate of Employment or 離職證明 in Chinese. I wrote the letter too, you just need to say the job didn’t work out but you are still very keen to work in Taiwan.

It can be called a 離職證明書 or a 服務證明書 (official translation “proof of service record”). Either way, you have the right to ask for and receive it when the contract is terminated, regardless of the reason for termination (as long as it’s a valid reason). This is assuming your job is subject to the Labor Standards Act.


By the way guys, how long was the processing time on the extension? Thanks!

10 minutes to process the request, 2 weeks to get the new card.

So what if your ARC is cancelled in the meantime? Is this not an issue? As
I will be mutually terminating my contract, I won’t have a notice period to


So I called the information hotline… the first person told me I needed to take passport, ARC, application form, photo, letter explaining why I want extension, end of contract certificate from my employer, and my apartment lease. They also said I had to go within 3 days of the official termination of my contract. That all sounded about normal.

I had to hang up prematurely cuz I was busy, but I called back to check what to do if I was not on my lease, and the next person I spoke to tried to convince me I couldn’t extend it if I didn’t have a new job lined up. I think they were just like, new or something though. They were literally laughing at me though, asking “well why would it get extended if you don’t have a new job to start?”… so that was weird.

What if it’s not a valid reason for termination or you don’t want to give a specific reason to save face? Can the letter still be issued and used for an ARC extension?

I didn’t see anything in the regulations about quitting a job just 1 month in…

If there’s no valid reason for termination on either side, then (in theory) the contract is not actually terminated. Of course, if both parties agree to terminate it, they can.

If one side disputes the termination, it can still terminate the contract in its own favor, citing improper behavior by the other party.

Ex. 1: A fires B for an improper reason. B terminates the contract, using Art. 14 to claim severance pay. Legally speaking, the date of termination should be the date on which B quit.

Ex. 2: B quits for an improper reason. A terminates the contract, using Art. 12 to absolve itself of responsibility. Legally speaking, the date of termination should be the date on which A fired B.

In either case, A owes B a 離職證明書 or 服務證明書. The only way out of that (if the job is subject to the LSA) is to avoid terminating the contract (i.e. A refuses to accept any form of termination until the end of the contract period).

How picky the NIA is, I don’t know.

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In your first month you don’t need a valid reason to quit for most jobs. In fact most jobs here have a 3 month trial period built into the contract and either party may terminate at any time based on any vague reason such as work content not in accordance with expectations or vice versa, skills of the employee not in accordance with expectations.

For those who have or had the ARC extension, does it allow you to sub as you look for your next gig or is nothing allowed till your next permanent job? Thanks

No, you need a work permit for every job, unless you’re exempt through marriage etc. Employment Service Act Art. 43.

man this Alien really knows a lot of stuff

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Lots of humans know about that one too, but still, my worthless self thanks Honorable Zapman. :bowing:

@yyy Hi Mr Alien, if your contract is not terminated early, do you need any documents from your old employer when extending your ARC?