ARC Extension


I’ve heard that it’s possible to extend an ARC, but most of the stuff I found here and elsewhere online is kind of old, so I was wondering if anyone had any experience recently.

My contract expires in a few months. Should be a mutual “left at end of contract” situation. I’m a teacher in case that matters.

My reasoning for getting an extension is I plan on moving to another city and want some time to look for a job.

I’ll call or go to the ARC office of course to see what they say. Just curious about other peoples’ experience.


This is fine. You will need a stamped letter from your employer saying your contract has expired as well as the other necessary documents for making an ARC application. They also make you write a letter staying you wish to stay in Taiwan to find a new job.

The ARC you get will be valid for six months backdated to the last day of your job as stated on the aforementioned letter stamped by your employer.


Wow, that was fast. Thanks for the reply!

I just have one follow up question if you don’t mind me asking. Does my plan on moving affect this process at all? I’ve read something about needing a housing contract and needing to apply for an ARC in the city I’ll be living in.

Yeah, once you move you’ll need to update your ARC again. You have to do this within 14 days of the move (they’ll check the date on the tenancy agreement for this).

Excellent! Thanks for your help!