ARC extension

My ARC expires on February 28 but my flight back home is scheduled for March 1. I am here for studying Mandarin. Can I extend my ARC without enrolling for another term? Or what other possible solutions are there for me?

Did you graduate?

Article 22-1 Any alien entering Taiwan for studying may, after graduation, apply to the National Immigration Agency for an extension of his/her ARC before expiration.
The valid time period of the ARC in accordance with the extension rules set forth in the preceding paragraph is 6 months following the expiration of his/her ARC. Before the extended period expires, if necessary, the alien can re-apply one time for further extension. The total extended period of residency is one year at most.

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the six month extension is for students graduating from degree schools. but you just need a day, so consult at NIA. they could be flexible.

I agree, consult with NIA and a supervisor/director could allowed the ARC to be extended by a few days.

Change your flight date or find and cheap flight out and in to Taiwan again before your ARC expires, enter visa-exempt and use the flight you have on March 1st to satisfied the visa-exempt entry rule (needing a flight back out of Taiwan).

I think that refers to studying in a university. I only study Mandarin in a language center, we don’t have graduations

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I will consult with the NIA. I hope they’re flexible, mainly because the only reason this happened is because it’s a requirement for the scholarship to have bought a two-way ticket already. So that date was set even before I got my ARC. Thanks, guys!