ARC Extension

My ARC is due to expire soon, and I believe that my work permit will too. I will also be changing jobs from teaching to software engineering.

  1. Can I simply extend my current ARC or will I have to go through the whole process of obtaining a new ARC through my new employer?

  2. Will I have to leave Taiwan and get a visitor Visa?

It depends how soon…if you have well over a month…you could transfer to your new employer and have them immediatley apply for a new term. If its too late , you will have to do the same as me…leave the country and come back in with a letter from the new employer


From what you just said, it looks like I’m a little late to transfer. My ARC expires on November 6th, a little over a week away.

When you left, did you apply for a 2 month visitors visa or did you return on the ‘visa waiver’ scheme?


Now I am really confused!

I picked up my first ARC last week and asked the lady if i was to change jobs what did i need. she told me that i need to bring my new work permit, passport, ARC and they’ll update the back up my ARC on the spot… it shouldn’t take more than one hour.

i’m expecting my new work permit this week(assuming that the gov’t oks it) and will make another trip out to Hsimen asap. i’ll let you know how it turns out.

did you sign a contract yet? are your new employers in the process of getting you a work permit? if they are, they could call up the ministry and have them stamp an extention letter and the police station can grant you a one month extension while you wait for your work permit.

I’ve got my own question though: on my resident visa in my passport, it has the name of my old company on it… how do i get that changed or do i even need to?? i forgot to ask the police station if they’ll do it for me or do i have to go back to the MOFA.