ARC fees payment plan

If I have a three-year permit and apply for ARC, do I need to pay the full $3000 at application time or can the fees be spread out?

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It’s 3000 NTD, about 96 USD or 88 euros.

Please be adviced your salary might be delayed and/or you will incur in settling costs like travel, housing, deposit for such housing, etc. It is highly recommended to come here with at least 2500 USD for miscellaneous costs.

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Lord have mercy.


Can be spread out if you apply for a 1 year ARC every year.


Telethon? :laughing:

PC comment: Your company can apply for 3 years, but the decision may vary according to CLA consideration.

Non-PC comment: Your company can apply for 3 years, but if you are not “pink”, you’ll get likely 1 year, regardless of your occupation.

ARC tied to work permit length.

3 years work permit, then you will get 3 years of ARC. Pay everything upfront.

Final note: the date printed on your ARC is just for reference. If your ARC is through work, it is valid as long as you are employed. If you get fired or quit, it doesn’t matter that you paid 3 years and it has a printed date of alleged validity for 3 years, as it becomes invalid once the reason for it becomes invalid.

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