ARC from Student to Work

Hi all,

I am in the process of applying for an ARC after spending the required time studying here in Taiwan. I am also enrolled for my next term. I am currently residing in Taiwan on a student visa, but will be applying for a resident visa as part of this process.
However, I also have a potential job offer 2 months from now, which would require me to stop studying completely and commit myself to the job. The job is with a company based in my home country, and we are currently looking at the possible options that are open to us, while letting me remain in Taiwan - my home country only has 30-days visa exempt entry.

I know it is quite subjective, and based on what I would be doing for the company, which still hasn’t been fully fleshed out, but could someone please shed some light on what is required from my end to allow me to take this opportunity & remain in Taiwan.
I assume I would still need a work permit of sorts, could that be done by setting up a representative office (with the restrictions that come with that), or is that only possible by setting up a locally registered company? If I don’t do any of this, is there any limit to the number of times I can come & go visa-exempt (as a last resort)?


In order to get a work permit you need to be sponsored by a Taiwanese company.

there is no limit on the number of times that you use visa exempt. Some have used visa exempt status for more than a decade. you should be able to get a 60 day multiple entry visitor visa so you could reduce the number of visa runs.

The best advice for questions about setting up a rep office or locally registering a company is to contact JusRegal CPA (banners all over this forum). To locally register a company you need deposit 500K into the newly formed company bank account. I think you can hire a manager and get an ARC for one year. After that the company needs to do be doing something like 3M NT in annual revenue (within Taiwan I think) to sponsor an ARC for you.

note - if you want to buy a car/moto/scooter or apply for a Taiwan DL then you should do it when you are briefly on ARC. AFAIK the only requirement for any of those is that you currently possess a valid ARC. There is no requirement that you always have an ARC if you own a vehicle. There is a funky rule that has tripped up foreigners when applying for a DL though. The ARC must be valid for one year but this is inconsistently enforced.