ARC/Health Insurance through my buisiness

I just opened my own business and am currently not going to get an ARC through it cause I don’t need to at the moment.

But in the future I’d like to. As I understand things I have to invest 500K to be able to apply for an ARC and then after a year prove 3Million in revenue to be able to keep my ARC past the first year. I have a couple of Questions about that.

  1. What if my company is short of the 3 million revenue after the first year? Do I then lose my ARC? If so then what are the rules for applying again through my company? Is there a waiting period before I can apply again or does another contribution of investment need to take place?

  2. Do I have to wait to apply for health insurance until I also have an ARC through my company or can I do so before?

I can tell you our experience, which is that my husband opened a branch of his business here about 18 months ago. He did have to open a business bank account and deposit a certain amount of money into it. The amount seemed flexible, though and I’m pretty sure it was less that $500,000.

Through his business we got 2 year ARCs. We’re currently in the 2nd year and will have to prove the $3 million turnover for this year. We can and will do that, but his accountant hinted that there were ‘other ways’ to show the turnover. How safe you feel about taking these other ways is up to you.

We have got NHI through his company, but as we had a year’s health insurance anyway we dithered about applying for NHI here. We did have to have ARCs to do so. NHI is actually quite expensive for us as my husband’s company has to pay for it too, not just us as individuals.

I would like an answer to this also.

For example, if I opened a branch office or a real taiwan company NOT intending to use it to gain an ARC (flying out every 3 months is no problem since I do more often than that anyways), would I be able to get the NHI card through that company which can’t give an ARC? (revenue too small/non-existent)

I don’t think so. We had to show our ARCs to apply for NHI through my husband’s business.

I forgot to elaborate. I already have a Taiwan government ID number which has so far allowed me to do many things that would normally require an ARC like opening bank accounts, getting driver’s licenses, buying motorcycles, etc. Just curious if NHI is different. I think it is because so far all the requirements seem to mention being continously resident for 4 months which is impossible without a ARC-worthy visa (I have to leave every 3 months). But I didn’t see the 4 month clause under the business section.

I guess the only way to be sure is to just try and apply I suppose I just don’t want to open a company for no reason just to find out I’m denied it.

You could try phoning them and asking them. When we were applying I phoned them up and they got me an English speaker. It took a little while to explain our situation as it’s quite unusual but she understood in the end and sent out the correct forms straightaway. In the end we had to get the accountant to do them anyway because they have all the company details. So probably you’d be able to find someone to ask before you go to the trouble of setting up a company. Be aware that if you pay NHI for yourself through your company it’s quite a lot more expensive. It might be cheaper for you to have private insurance for everything, especially as you’ll have to pay the other costs incurred by owning a company.