ARC lasts until June 30, but she'd like to stay 2 more weeks

A Canadian friend of mine has been teaching here this past year, and her ARC runs until June 30. She needs to stay here two weeks longer than that to take care of some things, before leaving Taiwan to travel in Asia. After travelling for 3 weeks, she will be returning to Taiwan, before finally flying back to Canada. First question: Can she get her work visa changed to a visitor visa? If so, what is the longest period for a visitor visa? Additionally, would there be any trouble with her travelling outside of Taiwan while on that visitor visa?

Thanks so much for your help, folks. :slight_smile: You’ve never let me down before.

There is no “work visa”, only visitor visas and resident visas. I was once in this situation and had a visitor visa issued for me in Taiwan just before my ARC ran out, so that I didn’t have to leave. But that was highly exceptional, as the visa was issued on the direct request of a legislator’s office. Unless your friend has access to such “divine intervention”, she is going to have to take care of her loose ends either before her ARC runs out or when she comes back to Taiwan from her Asian travels - on a visitor visa issued abroad. Or she will have to get someone to deal with the business for her. The only other way would be to overstay illegally - not advisable unless she is quite sure that she will not want to visit Taiwan again.

My former colleague had a similar situation and the only way he could do it was to get the school to re-sign him for a year, renew his ARC, then release him early. Kind of a hassle for only two weeks, though.