ARC mess up. Help?

Hello. I have only been living in Taiwan for about a year and stayed with the same school. They got my co-workers and I to both go do our health check in order to renew or Work permits and ARCs for the next school year. It is a fairly new school and I’m a very new teacher so wasn’t really sure how it worked. I did what i was told and thought things should be fine because I’m staying in the same school.

Well, we got my health check back and it told us my ARC was expired. My school and I both thought that it didn’t expire until August. They didn’t really freak out just had me go back and do the next part of the health check. Well then a new teacher had a similar problem and was going to have to leave the country. Now, I realized, it was an issue and I brought it up.

They realized it to and we ran around and tried to fix things but because it was past 30 days, I had to leave. This lead to the issue at hand.

The virus Has made this more costly then it was suppose to so I need the school to help me out. I said I’ll pay for everything else if they cover the plane ticket. They have to talk to other partners but they said they would.

I go back home and come to find they sent my coworkers work permit instead of mine so I’m unable to come back on the original time and now have to be stuck another week paying for hotels and things I can’t afford.

My school messaged me and told me it is my fault pretty much and that they will help me with half of the plane ticket. Now, I know it is somewhat my fault but I don’t think it is all my fault and I don’t think it is unreasonable to ask them to pay for the plane ticket. I’ve asked other foreigners and they said their school stays on top of it.

I’m wondering if I have a fighting chance in this. Has anyone else had this issue with a school? Should I just give up?

What made you believe so ? Doesn’t the ARC come with an expiry date?

It’s not about whose fault but how can fix this asap. Considering how stingy Taiwanese cram schools are, I wouldn’t bother asking for a full reimbursement. Having said that, A lot depends on your relationship with your employer and your future plans; If you like the place and want to stay here, you should be happy with the half of the payment. But if you really think you will not be here for too long, try asking and negotiating for a full payment.

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I decided that I’ll take the half payment but I’ll probably ask about other cost because they sent the wrong work permit and it forced me to have to stay here longer. They literally sent my co-workers work permit so I think it would be fair to fight for that either as extra bonus added or what not, but I decided I’ll wait until I’m face to face again.

How did you not know your ARC had expired until the health check arrived? I made a similar mistake because I thought, 20 years ago, that 3 month visas were extended for 3 months. They weren’t, but I missed it by a day. I just paid a little fine and did a visa run.