ARC on joining-family-resident-visa

Soon I am going to apply for my ARC based on wedding a taiwanese.
I am aware the office issue 1 or 3 years for first time such ARC holders,
which each year costing 1.000 NT$

I want to stay here long-time. I just wanna know what will happen,
if I may loose my 3 year ARC. Do I have to pay again until the expire
date or will I get a replacement for free ??

Get an ARC in 2008, pay until end of 2010. Loose card early 2009 …
Have to pay 2.000 NT$ for this ARC left until end of 2010.
Just apply new (like you apply the first time) and therefore double pay
the time for 2009+2010 ??
get a free replacement, maybe paying a slightly service fee ??

Of course 3 year is much less problem involved like early applies
for extensions, maybe doing a new driving licence etc, but I still
wonder what may happen if you loose your ARC-Card

Thank you (and sorry for this little stupis question …)

You just pay to replace the card, used to be NT$250 for paper ARC’s, don’t recall how much it is for the new plastic ones.

your first issue of a JFRV ARC is only 1 year, then 3 on renewal. the renewal is much less painful than a work visa ARC.

don’t know about fee reimbursement for early card replacement, but it may just depend on who handles your request. you could call the foreign police…