ARC or VISA with multiple entry

I have a friend with the following situation. Lets name them Ironman for convenience.

I’m now in my 5th year in Taiwan and have been coming in on a multiple entry visa. I enquired about ARC at the start of the first year and was told “You are doing quality control checking and it is not a good reason to have your ARC”

I said okay. No big deal. I’m leaving the country regularly anyway so I’ll just renew this each year. Last year I had the 60 days extended to 90 days because it was obvious by reading the passport that at times I’d have to get an extension on the 60 day but would leave 10 days later. So, they gave me a 90 day Visa. Common sense prevailed.

This year I have been told that I “qaulify for an ARC” and have only been given a 6 month 60 day multiple entry Visa.

I’m seriously expecting to get back to Taiwan and be told “No, you don’t qualify”

My actual work situation is not too different to what llary mentioned in his saga. I do design work and just need a computer with the correct programs and internet access. I can do this anywhere in the world.

Taiwan suits me right now because I can also physically check designs are working out and get involved in the problem solving side of things as products are moved into production. However, this can also be done from anywhere in the world because I have a great expat partner here who is hands on and a local Taiwanese partner who is like my Chinese brother and I have known him for 17 years and trust him almost completely.

In the visa office I told the staff very loudly “No problem, I’ll just move my production to China and 200 Taiwanese will lose their jobs”

This would actually likely be the case if we moved. But, the staff were so nice after my temper tantrum that I then kept apologising for my outburst and thing smoothed out.

So, if anybody has some constructive feedback please let my bad tempered but otherwise kindly natured friend know.

Just one thing:

At the end, your friend forgot to say, “Now put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!”

After so many years here it’s just time to get married and be away with those visa issues :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: