ARC question: goodbye teaching, hello 60 hour work week

Hi, hope anybody who’s been through this can shed some light for me, thanks!

Here’s the situation:

I’m planning on leaving the buxiban scene to take up a non-teaching job. gasp! hiss! eek!

I just wanted to know how does one procede.

I have an ARC and work permit with a school i’m teaching P/T at.
I also have a couple of non-teaching companies lined up that want to hire me asap.

I figure as soon as I can negotiate and sign a decent contract, their HR dept will file a work permit for me. But I don’t know how to procede on the ARC.

Do I have to make a run to HK after I quit the school to get a new ARC? Can I transfer my ARC from a school to a non-teaching company?

Thanks for any info!

No, I don’t think you will have to jump abroad. The police will stamp your new employer details on your ARC after your work papers are approved.

No you don’t have to go abroad and you’ll never have to piss in a cup again. Congrats!