ARC Renewal - Any way to expedite it?

I am renewing my daughter’s ARC. We submitted it on Monday. Suddenly, there’s an emergency, and we need to travel. Is there any way to expedite the renewal? I know officially it takes 10 working days. I tried tracking it online, but it doesn’t work.

I will call them tomorrow, but if you’ve any suggestions, just let me know. Thanks

I’m not sure if you can expedite it but you can use your daughters passport to leave/enter Taiwan while the ARC (TARC?) is processing.

If you have setup e-gate already this will be seem-less. If not then the person might just ask what’s happening.

I left while my ARC was processing and it was ready while out of Taiwan, someone collected it for me, then I entered with my passport using e-gate. Something like that anyway, I can’t remember exactly.

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Go back to office of immigration where you did it.
Show receipt or ticket purchase with date. Let them push it on their end. If you’re in Taipei, it’ll probably get done the quickest anyway as not have to be mailed out to other regional offices.

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Thanks, this is great info. I didn’t know this was possible. I will double-check it with immigration tomorrow. If they confirm, we’ll leave without it and have someone pick it up.

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I think immigration (at least in Taipei) is normally pretty accommodating if you politely explain the situation and see what they can do? If you have a genuine emergency, I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to expedite it.


Maybe the same issue as linked below?

Just to give an update.

I went to Kaohsiung immigration, to ask if my daughter can travel just on the Taiwanese passport without an ARC on hand (as it’s in process of renewal). They said no. I insisted quite a bit. Explained to them that it’s a life and death situation. Finally, after 2 hours of wait they said they will check with the head office and that they will call me back at 5:00 pm.


I’ve traveled with just the receipt of my ARC being processed (the paper you bring to pick it up) multiple times. Cuz I was always applying for it in June, leaving in July, returning in August. Never had a problem with showing the airline checkin people nor Taiwan immigration that paper. It’s got the chop/stamp too, doesn’t it? All that stuff is in their computers. They know exactly what’s going on (though they obviously are still required to have some form of documentation)

Edit to clarify: unless something has changed in the past ~3 years. I’ve gotten an APRC since then (which causes far more confusion on the traveling to Taiwan airline check in side of things than that paper ever did)


Thanks for sharing. It’s very helpful. We have that paper with the stamp too. We are just debating now whether with should risk it or not. We need to travel on Sunday.

So far, I’ve gotten two different answers from NIA.

Kaohsiung NIA helped us to prioritize her case, so she will be getting the ARC early next week, but they said she cannot travel without an ARC this weekend.

The immigration office at Taoyuan Airport connected me to Emirates, and they said that she is allowed to fly with just her Taiwan passport, but on return she may need to apply for a visa waiver of sorts if she doesn’t have an ARC with her. And after entering Taiwan, we’ll need to go to the NIA office to do some process, but they didn’t clarify exactly what that was.

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NWOHR are exempt from entry permits now so it should all go smoothly at the check-in counter.

NIA at the airport should have all her information

Sounds made up :sweat_smile: