ARC Renewal Problems


So I booked a flight for June 12 and my ARC renews Aug 1. The health check was delayed and my boss just submitted the paperwork to the labor board for my work permit today and she says it takes 5-10 biz days so not in time for my flight. I asked immigration but they were only willing to extend my ARC 1 month so basically Sept 1 and I return the end of September so that won’t work.

In past years I asked for the 6 month travel Taiwan ARC so that there is no break in my arc. they wont give it to me this time because they want a termination letter from my boss, but she doesn’t want to give me the letter because apparently the ministry has made it much harder for new applications for teachers including requiring a criminal check from Canada which she says takes months along with other requirements. So no termination letter. Immigration lady says, no termination letter, no 6 month travel ARC.

Apparently even if I have a family member that lives in Taiwan willing to submit my documents for me as they will still be in Taiwan, that is not good enough, i need a notarized statement from Canada at the TECO office along with notarized ARC, work permit, etc, etc, a royal pain in the ass.

This is a part rant but also if anyone is familiar with any other options, id be all ears.
As it stands now, I would have to cancel my flight and lose the $1000. I told that to the immigration lady who shrugged and said its my choice, lose the money or lose my 5 years continuous residence. No skin off her nose.

My boss says, don’t worry, just leave and come back and get a new visa when you come in, that way the work permit will still be valid and then she will just submit it, but then there goes my 5 years


Lose the whole $1,000? You should be able to at least get a partial refund, even for a really cheap ticket…shouldn’t you?


It was a one way which is going for $1000 , but I used points so I assumed it was not refundable. Just got off the phone with the airline, they will cancel the flight for $150 USD, still quite a lot but not as bad as i thought. The problem is the other flights require a lot more points now due to summertime.

might have to suck it up. Immigration didn’t want to stick their neck out to make any exceptions so id thought id put it out here to see if people knew a workaround.


Much better than nothing. Are you close to five years yet? If so, just grit your teeth and spend the summer in Taiwan. Yes, it’s brutal, but once you have the APRC you can leave any time you want and never have to deal with these hassles again.


actually I can leave in July because then I am within 1 month of the renewal date, my boss can renew the arc normally and I take off without issue. Just bumps my plans forward one month which kinda sucks :slight_smile: plus the $150 fee. Well, guess not much I can do.
Thanks for replying


Maybe it’s an even lower fee to change the date instead of cancelling? Just a thought.