ARC Renewal

Just a quicky, my school recently moved and has yet to receive its licence with the new address on it. My ARC is up 9/2/05. How long does it take to renew? Can I turn up with a letter from my employer saying that she is waiting for her licence with the new address on it, or do I just pretened we are still at the old one…mmm…I’d like to do things properly.

Assuming the new licence arrives how long does it take for a simple renewal?


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I was told two months. Although I’m leaving my school my ARC expires on the same date.

They seem to be quicker these days. Can be as quick as three weeks. But please don’t rely on this information alone.

Three weeks! Blimey, better hot foot it down there then. I was thinking more like a couple of days!

I guess I need to take; old ARC, letter of employment, dergee photocopy, photos, passport (driving licence for renewal too!!) and in my case letter explaining about the difference of address. Do I have to go back to the department of Employment and get their aproval again? I just assumed as I am staying at the same school it would be a simple renewal.

But we all know the mother of all fuck-ups is assumption!

Thanks for your help joesax :notworthy:

So…I informed the labour department, went to the hospital and submitted the papers back to the labour department. Everything was fine until I received a notification that I must renew my ARC “within 15 days before the expiration date” as quoted from the reminder from the Taipei County Police Bureau.

I’m not too sure exactly what they mean by “within 15 days before the expiration date” I think it means “Not Before 15 days before the expiration date”. My ARC expires on 9th March (ignore my previous post! :loco: ) which means 15 days prior is Tuesday 22nd Feb.

I’m still waiting to hear from the Labour Department. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to process the documents? I submitted them last Tuesday. If they keep me waiting can I show the police the receipt for a couple of days grace? Of course, we recently had Chinese New Year, so that has slowed the whole process down.

Thanks for any advice.

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