ARC Renewal

Is being in country for 183 days each year a requirement to maintain eligibility to renew an ARC? Been searching online and found it is true for an APRC but have not been able to find the answer for an ARC.

If 183 days a year is required for an ARC holder to be in country each year, is it a calendar year or would the year be based on the date at which it was issued? In my case it was issued on Dec 26 and is renewed on that date so would guess that is the start date for the year in my case.

Any info is appreciated!

It depends on the type of ARC, but for some there is a requirement to physically be in Taiwan for more than half the year to maintain its validity. In general, issue dates are used.

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AFAIK, for marriage (to a Taiwan national) ARCs, there is no requirement to be in the country 183 days per year.

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There is zero requirement on days per year to be in Taiwan in order to maintain ARC if it’s spousal type.
As for other types of ARC, others can specifically chime in.
Edit: If ARC expires and holder is outside of Taiwan, then there’s a few hoops to jump through to get it going again, but nothing that hard. Just get it renewed before expiry and there’s no questions on how many days you’ve been in Taiwan since last renewal.

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