ARC renewal

My ARC is up for renewal on dec 26th, however I need to go out of the country on business on the 18th - is it possible (I realize it takes two weeks) to get my ARC renewed early? Perhaps go in late November / very early December.

My renewal notice dropped through my letterbox this week. Note 1 reads:

So you could renew yours from Nov 26th onwards. Should give you enough time.

awesome… :slight_smile: many thanks… :slight_smile:

Do you have to do another medical? :S

Oh no. I’ve not darkened the doors of a hospital here since 2006.

[quote=“tmz_99”]awesome… :slight_smile: many thanks… :slight_smile:

Do you have to do another medical? :S[/quote]

new work permit = new medical check. I was able to get a 2 yr work permit (2 year contract) and a 2 year ARC last time. :discodance:

Ok, my bad. New medical check doesn’t apply to a ARC renewal through marriage (JFRV).

If you need a medical, go and do it mid-November so that it’s ready to pick up by the end of the month, and then get straight onto the ARC renewal.

I’ve renewed my ARC four times now and never had to redo the medical check… Maybe only teachers need to redo it?

I’m a teacher, and my first renewal is coming up soon. I’m told I must do a medical exam. Maybe it is just a teacher thing, since we’re around little germ factories all day.