ARC renewel

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My ARC expired in October last year and Ive been living outside of Taiwan for the last year. Previously lived in Taiwan for 18 years and had the ARC thru marriage for about 8 years. Now I find myself needing to travel to Taiwan quite frequently and would like to get back on the govt health insurance thus need to either get my ARC renewed or get permanent residency which is all thru marriage to a Taiwan citizen. Anybody have advice on this one? I have a household registration at wifes parents house in Taiwan right now even though we dont live here. Is it possible to still renew my ARC or do I need to go thru all the hoops again to get it?

If your wife pays NHI as a Taiwan citizen, then you automatically can get it as the spouse/close family-relationship. It’s just an extra NTD 600+ per month.

You will need to apply from scratch: criminal record, health check, resident visa, arc. Keep in mind that for the APRC if you are in the country less than 183 days a year it can be canceled.

How about for the normal ARC. If I take it too them for renewel, they wont accept it without starting from scratch?

The will renew it only if it hasn’t expired.

But not without an ARC I believe …

But not without an ARC I believe …[/quote]

Yes… I told OP that assumes name on the Household Registration Certificate. I know a number of spousal relationships where the proper registration was never done. I always thought that in principle was a short-sighted move and counseled otherwise. But many don’t listen and suffer the inconveniences. Getting an ARC through JFRV will be much easier to obtain luckily.