ARC residency requirements / Left Taiwan due to Family Emergency

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I need to get some reliable information quickly. I
I have an ARC (rep office manager) in Taiwan for about 3 years and 4 months. My current ARC expires on Oct. 08, 2022. I want to apply for an APRC after 5 years. However, my father passed away last year in late June 2021. I had to go home about that time to take care of things and have been outside of Taiwan as of writing this on Feb. 20 - almost 8 months now.

I understand that I need to be in Taiwan for 183 days of each year for five years to get the APRC. Is this correct?
Does the 183 days have to be consecutive? I read somewhere else they do not. Is this correct?
When does the year start? I got my ARC on Oct. 7/8, 2018 for the first time? Is a year from the ARC commencement date or is it a calendar year (Jan-Dec)?

Will I have a break in my ARC? The way I figure it is - I have been out of the country for approx. 4 months from the commencement of the fourth year of the ARC, which is Oct. 8, 2021. That is approx 132 days. I still have 233 more days until Oct. 8, 2022. If I can get back into Taiwan in enough time to still meet the 183 days, I will meet the requirement. Is this correct?

Is there any extension or something that I can do to waive this 183 requirement?

That’s all for now. Please help me!

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No. 183 total days

the first day you get your ARC

IIRC this just means this year doesn’t count.

You still need to be here before the expiry to renew. You’ll be getting your APRC in 2024 instead of 2023.

Thank you for your quick reply.

Oh, I understood it is 5 consecutive years of 183 days. So, are you saying that if I don’t make 183 in one of those years, I can still continue on to accumulate the years in subsequent years?

Yeah. Not reset, just doesn’t count. What I don’t know is:

This you might have to call the immigration centre.

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I am not certain either. Though, I hear horror stories about people with a one day gap between ARCs being refused APRC when they thought they could get it. It might be worth checking this thoroughly, since the laws n things do often have the wording “consecutive residence” in them :slight_smile:


Is there an English phone line for NIA? Do you think if I go to a TECO office in my country, they will be able to answer my questions definitively?

Just call the NIA directly. The front guy will be able to speak English and direct you accordingly.

Are you refering to someone canceling their ARC or are you refering to someone who doesn’t have the 183 days for 5 years?

Someone who has multiple ARCs over a 5 year period, but there is a gap between the different ARCs. In essence a non zero number of days they aren’t considered “resident” for immigration purposes.

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