ARC/resident visa for freelance work

ok i know i’m not going to like the answers to this question, but it’s finally come time i have to deal with it. i need to find a way to get a resident visa/ARC without having a regular employer. i already have a freelance job, so don’t want to get a regula 9-6 job just for the visa. but my 5-year visitor visa is about used up, so… gotta do something, and don’t want to have to leave the country every month. anybody know of any companies who would sponsor a work permit/visa/arc without having to actually work there? someone must do it for some price…

Why don’t you just start you’re own company and give yourself an ARC?

Or why not just overstay. You already work illegally so what’s the difference?

Only thing I can think of would be to try either the smaller publishing houses (with English books coming out) who might need occasional editing services and might be willing to play ball in exchange for your editing and your name on the books.

Another only slightly unpalatable alternative, while not true freelancing, woudl be to get a visa through a radio English teaching show as a broadcaster. That would mean far less than 40 hours per week – I had a sweet arrangement in the past where I recorded about three afternoons a month in exchange for good money and a visa, but I don’t know if this is still possible as the market is getting more and more glutted these days. Also depends in part on your radio voice and natural aptitude for such things, as well as your ability to stay awake through the most boring prose imaginable! Worth a try though.