ARC ?"s

I have an ARC and will be leaving my school at the end of April.It will be cancelled,or transferred,and given to another teacher at the school.
If I don’t have another job what’s the situation on me leaving the country…how long can I stay after my ARC has been terminated with my present school?
Also if there is any info available about my work permit and multiple entry visa please inform me…

  1. ARC will be cancelled
  2. You can stay another 7 days after ARC has been terminated with present school
  3. Work permit will be cancelled also.

thanks for the clear information…

What about my multiple entry visa…how will that work now???
Is it still valid and usable for the duration?


The re-entry permit must be used in conjunction with the Alien Resident Certificate. If the ARC becomes invalid for any reason, the re-entry permit will also become invalid.

Says so right on your permit.

OP didn’t ask this, but just in case it is the next logical question:

As far as I can tell, there’s nothing preventing him/her from leaving the country within the 7 days and returning with a visitors visa and starting the whole process again, right (new school, new ARC, etc)? Similar to any other visa run?

If your ARC expiry date is Apr. 30, You must leave Taiwan latest Apr. 30.
Unless you have good reason to persuade the foreign affairs police.

I was told you have 7 days to get out after the ARC expires.

Europa is correct, there is a grace period to leave the country that I believe is seven days, but some sources say that it is up to 14 days. Best assume it is seven to be on the safe side.

The problem with this is that I believe that the count is backdated to the date that your work permit (hence resident visa hence ARC) was cancelled. You may or may not have been notified of this, and this is the most likely case that you will overstay. If convenient to do so I would recommend that you visit your local FAP after you leave your employer. Take along your passport and ARC and they can check on it’s validity. In the worst case scenario in that you have already overstayed then it is likely that they will still give you another week to leave the country. This varies between offices though so let’s hope that luck is on your side.

I would probably leave soon after I finished working for the other school, do a visa run and come back here on a fresh visa. This way you can avoid the overstay headache.

One final note, neither the work permit nor ARC are transferrable to other teachers. Possibly what your school means is that after you leave, the vacancy in work permits issued by that school will allow them to apply for a new work permit for the new teacher.

Picked up a leaflet from the police station; While it didn’t dicuss the OPs question it does say:

Overstay under 10 days $1,000
Overstay 11-30 days $3,000
Overstay 31-90 days $5,000
Ovestay over 91 days $10,000

Same for both visa and ARC.

Issue resolved…
Yes ,the school will not ttransfer the ARC to another teacher,just allow another application.

Info from police hq…
The best info was given by me going to the phq that issued my ARC…they told me all I need to know.
Will be notified by slip in the mail saying ARC has expired or is expiring soon.
Overstay will lead to complications reentering the country,complications such as no re-admittance of up to 1 year.
That’s it…

and as mentioned this issue has been resolved.