ARC -- the Police are at my door


I am in the process of switching my ARC from a bushiban to a magazine.

I knew that my old school would notify the authorities and that my old ARC would be cancelled. I also knew it would take awhile for my new job and the government to process my paperwork for new work permit-- So: I went to the Chung Hua Foreigners’ Police Station and asked for an extension. I explained my situation, but they said since I had the papers showing my new ARC was being processed that there was no need to get an extension – I just needed to return when the paperwork was finished.

But now: the local Police showed up this morning at my apartment, claiming that I was teaching illegally (not true), and asking my roommate permission to search my room.

I faxed papers to the local Police Station showing that my ARC is in the works, but I still can’t help but worry: was the Chung Hua station mis-informed when they told me an extension was not needed during the (month-long) period of switching ARCs? Is there any recourse I can take if this is the case?


I’m not 100% on this, but I’ve always been fairly sure that if your visa expires while you’re applying for a new ARC, the fact that the application is being made won’t help unless it’s already with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But, I also think that your old ARC won’t expire until your old school calls the police and they cancel it. maybe the police meant that they wouldn’t cancel it as you were already applying for a new one. I guess the best bet when gettong advice from the police or whatever is to get it in writing including the name and phone number of who’s telling you.



It took awhile, but I finally got it sorted out.

There was no problem getting my new visa, even though the process took 2 months and my previous employer cancelled my old ARC/visa at the beginning of the process. I did, however, have the feeling that if I talked to the wrong immigration officer he/she would send me out on the next airplane.