ARC thru marriage = allowed to work?

I always thought that is was now possible to have an ARC via marriage and this entitled you to full work rights?

A guy that used to live in Taiwan in 93 (yes things have changed) reckons that even if you have an ARC thru marriage you cant work. Does anyone have a link to the regulations that say ARC through marriage = full work rights? Thanks, I want to settle it with this guy.

Here’s a thread on this: [No work permits required for foreign spouses?

Richard Hartzel wrote[quote]As of May 13, 2003, a foreign spouse (married to a Taiwan national) with residency rights based on marriage does not need to apply for a work permit. Period.

That is in Article 48 of the revised Employment Services Act.
I’ve been working without a visa because of this for over a year …

Thankyou very much David.