ARC to Student Visa

Is is possible to apply for a student Visa if I currently have an ARC. Do I have to cancel my ARC and leave the country again or can it all be done painless ?

Thank you[/img]

If you are on an ARC, you will need to leave the country. You can’t transfer from an ARC to a visitor visa. Stupid, isn’t it? Better to keep your ARC but cut back on teaching hours.

If you studied enough hours to be full-time, could you change your work-based residence to study-based residence and keep the ARC? Need to ask the Foreign Affairs Police who will say “no” the first time you ask them. Ask at least three different people on different days. be prepared to shuttle back and forth between them and MoFA though, as each will tell you it is the jurisdiction of the other. Eventually someone will win the resulting war of attrition and you will have your answer. Keeping your ARC is almost bound to be less hassle than asking any Taipei Resentment Office overseas for a new visitor visa. Avoid HK of course because all the chairs have spikes on them in that office and the guy who runs it has no bum hole. Makes for a very bad attitude.